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About DalCasa Developments

DalCasa is a company with many years of experience when it comes to developing construction projects and investing into real estate at the most attractive locations in Croatia; mainly on the Adriatic coast – central Dalmatia and the town of Split, as this area has never experienced a real estate downfall and is most likely to grow.
We take care of all stages in investment project management, from acquiring land, projecting to acquiring all licenses and selling projects ready for construction.
Our employees have strong local know-how and are experienced in finding and realizing best project opportunities. With our associates network at all relevant institutions and our offices in several European and Croatian cities, with our detailed knowledge of the legal circumstances (construction, circumstances regarding the ownership legislation, tax laws, financing the investment, evaluation of the real estate…), with our knowledge of the condition of the market and our personalized approach to each project, DalCasa can guarantee success and satisfaction.
DalCasa Developments offices in Split, Croatia:
DC Ured DC Ured DC Ured
DC Ured DC Ured DC Ured